Performance Coaching

Eric Vickery

Eric Vickery is a passionate performance coach with a strong background in business and leadership consulting. With expertise in the DiSC personality profile system, he provides dynamic coaching to clients worldwide. Combining his skills as a consultant and coach, Eric offers a systems perspective to help clients achieve personal and professional goals. Whether through one-on-one sessions or pre-marital coaching with his wife, Eric tailors the process to individual needs. His coaching encompasses a range of skills to improve clients’ lives and offers both on-site and virtual options for coaching sessions.

  • Faith – How well is your soul?
    • Healthy on the inside
    • Favor for others
    • Giving of your time and energy
  • FEAR? Self-Esteem & Confidence – Are you controlled by your FEAR?
  • Family – From your future to your current home to your past…
  • Forgiveness & Love
  • Friendship – Are you aware of what you’re attracting? Birds of a feather flock together.
  • Financial Balance – How in Control of your money are you?
  • Future & Vision Development – Are you living your vision?
    • SMARTER Goals – How to set and achieve goals.
  • First Things First – Life Balance – Are you stressed? Do you make time in your life for the important things?
    • Time Management – Is perfectionism or procrastination stopping you?
    • Ideal Day Scheduling and Planning
  • Fitness and Fun – Do you have your health plan set?
  • Finally a Plan for Personal Growth – Do you have a plan for personal continuing education?